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What if you suffer a traumatic brain injury in an accident?

There are many different types of injuries that Chicago area residents might suffer in an accident, but a traumatic brain injury is probably one of the most debilitating in the long-term. Sure, broken bones and lacerations take a long time to heal, but a traumatic brain injury - or "TBI" - might never fully heal. So, what can our readers expect if they or a loved one suffers a TBI in an accident?

For starters, it is important to recognize that the severity of each TBI can vary. Some TBIs might be considered "mild" or "moderate," while others are categorized as "severe." However, even with a mild TBI, the symptoms of the injury can be difficult. Such symptoms might include headaches, nausea, fatigue, trouble sleeping, dizziness and even enhanced sensitivity to stimuli in the environment around the person such as sounds or lights.

What to do after an accident with a semi-truck

Fatality rates for passenger car and semi-truck accidents are high. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 66 percent of passenger vehicle occupants end in fatality.

Getting into an accident with a large truck, such as a semi, can be hard to imagine walking away from. However, if you are in an accident, what do you do after the fact?

What you need to prove in a medical malpractice case

Our readers in Illinois have probably heard before how difficult it can be to prove a medical malpractice case in court. This isn't overexaggerated. These cases almost always involve complex facts and medical information, which can be difficult for even the most trained healthcare professional to understand and communicate to the court and jury. Illinois residents who may be thinking about pursuing a medical malpractice claim need to know what they need to prove in a such a case to be successful.

The vast majority of medical malpractice cases are based on a claim of "negligence." This doesn't mean that there was purposeful, reckless conduct, but rather that the healthcare professional at fault in the case was mistaken or "accidentally" committed some type of wrong that caused an injury or a worsened health condition for the medical patient.

How serious are head injuries after an accident?

After a car accident, drivers assess the damage and examine how they’re feeling. No sign of injury means everything should be fine, right?

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Car accidents sometimes cause injuries that are not present in the immediate aftermath. In some instances, the sudden jolt of a crash can lead to a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Addressing the legal consequences of a truck accident

Chicago residents living in the nation's third-largest city are obviously used to seeing "big rigs" on the roads as these vehicles make their way to destinations throughout the country delivering goods and inventory. Unfortunately, this also means that many people are used to seeing truck accidents as well, which can be significantly more devastating than an accident between two passenger vehicles.

Truck drivers can cause an accident in Chicago in a number of ways. They may be in a rush to make a delivery and, as a result, decide to speed. Or, a truck driver may not be adequately trained to operate the large vehicle in question. And, these days, it is not uncommon to see distracted drivers on the roads - particularly those who are blatantly staring at their cellphones while driving. Truck drivers are not immune to these types of distractions.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against child services agency

Almost every type of "unexpected" death is a tragedy to family and the friends of the deceased. Car accidents and workplace accidents, for example, take the lives of healthy young people every day in our country. However, when the deceased is a particularly young child, the death can be all the more tragic.

According to a recent report, one father in Illinois has decided to take legal action after the death of his 17-month old daughter. The little girl died in a home in Joliet and, when the girl's body was found, the reports indicate that the home was littered with garbage. The girl was reportedly found underneath an old couch in the home.

Helping you protect your rights in a medical malpractice action

Seeing a doctor doesn't mean we will have positive results as a patient. The news can be devastating when a medical professional tells a patient that they have an illness or needs surgery. But the news can be even more tragic when it is later found out that a patient was improperly diagnosed, given the wrong treatment plan or errors were made during a surgery.

Medical malpractice can be a serious situation, as it can be harmful and even fatal to a patient. As a patient, individuals in Illinois and elsewhere believe and trust in the expertise of medical professionals. The unfortunate reality is that even though doctors have obtained years of education and training, mistakes and errors could still occur.

Who can be held liable for medical mistakes?

Going to the doctor should mean everything will get better. Whether going in for a routine check up or a specialist surgery, you expect that with some recovery time, rehabilitation and maybe some medicine, you will soon get back to your normal life.

Therefore, if things get worse instead of better after a visit to the doctor or a hospital stay, you may naturally feel betrayed. If you suffer further injury or complications, you may even start to suspect medical negligence played a role in your current condition. In that case, who may be held accountable for medical malpractice?

How to safely work with heavy machinery

Though machinery in the workplace can be a great benefit if used correctly and safely, these machines can also cause great harm if you don’t know how to use them properly. Heavy does not always refer to weight. This equipment can be small or lightweight but is often used on large construction projects.

When operating heavy equipment and machinery on a site, workers’ tasks are inherently high risk. Fortunately for workers and others involved, there are safety measures you can take to reduce work site injury.

What duties do pharmaceutical manufactures have?

When we are prescribed medications, we expect that the medicine will do what it is intended. While it is possible that it is not the best medication for the ailment suffered by a patient in Illinois or elsewhere, this likely will not harm the patient but only require a physician to prescribe a different medication. On the other hand, if there was an issue with the manufacturing of a pharmaceutical drug or it was not properly tested before entering the market, this could seriously harm a consumer of that drug.

What duties do pharmaceutical manufactures have? Manufacturers that produce pharmaceuticals have a certain duty. That duty is to properly test medications before releasing them into the market. This means that testing criteria from the FDA is complied with and followed. While this is industry standard, even when the FDA properly licenses a drug, this does not release a manufacture from liability if a defective drug harms a consumer.

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