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Seeing a doctor doesn't mean we will have positive results as a patient. The news can be devastating when a medical professional tells a patient that they have an illness or needs surgery. But the news can be even more tragic when it is later found out that a patient was improperly diagnosed, given the wrong treatment plan or errors were made during a surgery.

Medical malpractice can be a serious situation, as it can be harmful and even fatal to a patient. As a patient, individuals in Illinois and elsewhere believe and trust in the expertise of medical professionals. The unfortunate reality is that even though doctors have obtained years of education and training, mistakes and errors could still occur.

Who can be held liable for medical mistakes?

Going to the doctor should mean everything will get better. Whether going in for a routine check up or a specialist surgery, you expect that with some recovery time, rehabilitation and maybe some medicine, you will soon get back to your normal life.

Therefore, if things get worse instead of better after a visit to the doctor or a hospital stay, you may naturally feel betrayed. If you suffer further injury or complications, you may even start to suspect medical negligence played a role in your current condition. In that case, who may be held accountable for medical malpractice?

How to safely work with heavy machinery

Though machinery in the workplace can be a great benefit if used correctly and safely, these machines can also cause great harm if you don’t know how to use them properly. Heavy does not always refer to weight. This equipment can be small or lightweight but is often used on large construction projects.

When operating heavy equipment and machinery on a site, workers’ tasks are inherently high risk. Fortunately for workers and others involved, there are safety measures you can take to reduce work site injury.

What duties do pharmaceutical manufactures have?

When we are prescribed medications, we expect that the medicine will do what it is intended. While it is possible that it is not the best medication for the ailment suffered by a patient in Illinois or elsewhere, this likely will not harm the patient but only require a physician to prescribe a different medication. On the other hand, if there was an issue with the manufacturing of a pharmaceutical drug or it was not properly tested before entering the market, this could seriously harm a consumer of that drug.

What duties do pharmaceutical manufactures have? Manufacturers that produce pharmaceuticals have a certain duty. That duty is to properly test medications before releasing them into the market. This means that testing criteria from the FDA is complied with and followed. While this is industry standard, even when the FDA properly licenses a drug, this does not release a manufacture from liability if a defective drug harms a consumer.

Understanding liability in a products liability action

When we purchase new products or use the ones we currently have, we often do this with little to no thought about the reliability of these products. We presume that they will work in the way that they are intended to for a reasonable amount of time. When products no longer work, this is often because they are old and broken. No one thinks about a product being defective or dangerous, having the ability to cause serious harm or even death.

A detective product could enter the stream of commerce for a variety of reasons; however, there are three definitive ways it could. The first is because of a defective design, the second is a manufacturing defect and the third is because of a warning defect. When any of these defects occur and cause harm to a consumer, liability could be placed on a manufacturer or seller.

Driver charged with reckless homicide following crash

The decisions motorists make while they are behind the wheel are critical. Whether it is to send a text, look back at a passenger in the backseat, speed past a vehicle or even drinking a driving, these decisions not only puts a driver's life at risk but also threatens the life of their passengers and any travelers on the roadway. When a driver decides to be reckless or negligent behind the wheel, others can suffer because of these decisions.

According to recent reports, a fatal crash occurred in Jackson Park, resulting in a motorist being charged with reckless homicide. Based on reports by the Cook Count State's Attorney's Office, the 35-year-old male driver is also facing charges for eluding the police and failing to report an accident.

Long after the accident, injuries can appear

Cars today are significantly safer than they have ever been. Airbags, steel cages, and crumble zones have protected passengers from many serious injuries even at relatively high speeds. But the human body is still vulnerable because of the force that comes from impact and stopping rapidly.

The trauma which comes from this is called a “soft tissue” injury. These can be very difficult to diagnose and treat. More importantly, the symptoms may not show up for days or even weeks after the accident. If you or a loved one have been in an accident it’s important that you understand these injuries and what you need to do to be treated and properly compensated for your injuries.

Depression in nurses linked to medical errors

When we are ill or injured, the first person we likely see is a nurse. Whether it is at a medical clinic or hospital, nurses are used to take vitals, list symptoms and even administer medications and care to patients. Nurse play a vital role in a patient's healthcare experience, making it vital that they are upholding their duty to provide adequate care. Failure to do so could result in medical errors occurring and harm to the patients he or she was caring for.

No matter what field of work a person is in, stress is likely to occur. Managing stress in the workplace is vital, as it could develop into a much more serious problem, such as depression and anxiety. Based on a current study, nurses that report poor health, specifically depression, are more likely to make medical errors when compared to their counterparts.

When choosing a nursing home, check for these bad signs

Watching a parent age can be extremely emotional. You remember them as they once were: a strong memory, active lifestyle, sharp-witted and affectionate. They deserve the best care possible in their new living environment.

When selecting a nursing home for their care, conducting careful research is vital. Sadly, some nursing homes in Chicago suffer from persistent hazards and neglect. Families have lost beloved parents too soon as a result.

Are overlooked baby choking hazards in your home?

New parents read through endless articles about child safety. Being a parent is a monumental task, particularly when children are very young. Toddlers and infants have a knack for putting every object in sight into their mouth; it’s how they learn about the world around them.

Although you know to avoid small items, such as Lego bricks, other items could pose a threat. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls dangerous children’s toys and products. Unfortunately, they don’t always catch the item before it hurts a child.

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