Elizabeth Kaveny Offers Networking Advice in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

Elizabeth A. Kaveny, partner in noted Chicago plaintiffs' law firm Burke Wise Morrissey Kaveny (BWMK), has drawn on her personal experiences to write a bylined article that shows how lawyers can make networking part of their daily routine. Appearing in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin Law Day 2013 edition (which this leading daily legal publication annually distributes to all lawyers in the state of Illinois), Ms. Kaveny's article is titled "Network Where You Want to Be." In it she demonstrates that "the most effective networking is done in regular day-to-day day activities, while doing the things we like most."

Ms. Kaveny's advice is particularly focused on and valuable to other women lawyers, and reflects lessons learned in her own highly successful career. As one of the few women to become a name partner in a high-profile plaintiff's trial lawyer firm, she has been named by her professional peers in Illinois as one of the state's Top 10 women litigators and Top 10 women personal injury lawyers. From her experience Ms. Kaveny suggests that women lawyers follow a practical networking process that makes the most of extracurricular activities they enjoy. By introducing themselves and what they do to others participating in these same activities, and taking the time to learn more about these people do and need, women in the law and other professions can often leverage personal relationships into business opportunities. "The one thing that all working women can use is more time," Ms. Kaveny writes. "Networking where you want to be allows you to combine what you would like to do with your time with what you should be doing with your time (namely, marketing)" – and, she adds, makes the process self-sustaining so that anyone can "stay the course by keeping your networking with your extracurricular activity."

BWMK Kaveny Law Day 2013 the entire article (PDF).